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About Us

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Thousands of Wisconsinites do not have access to health insurance. Kids and families need health coverage to be and stay healthy. They also need economic security so they won’t go bankrupt because of a medical emergency. Wisconsin has a big affordability gap in health care. Right now, people who work full-time and make a little less than $8 per hour make too much money to qualify for BadgerCare.


For nearly a decade, a coalition of health advocacy organizations have been working together to protect and expand health coverage and ensure access to quality and affordable health care for Wisconsinites. While each organization focuses on a unique population or cause, we all understand the importance of expanding BadgerCare so more Wisconsinites can have access to affordable health care coverage. Plus, expanding BadgerCare will also save millions in tax dollars. It’s a win-win for Wisconsin.


We’re coming together to advocate for Wisconsin to fully expand Medicaid through BadgerCare. Click here to learn more about the many benefits of  full Medicaid expansion, or take action to tell your legislator it’s time to expand Medicaid through BadgerCare.

“63% of adult Medicaid enrollees are women. We support full Medicaid Expansion because ALL women in Wisconsin deserve access to affordable health care coverage!” 


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